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Rock Rabbit Sauvignon Blanc

Grapes – Sauvignon Blanc (91%), Gewurztraminer (9%)

Region – Monterey, Clarksburg & Santa Barbara, California

“no barrels, no corks, no hassles” – Winmaker Alex Cose

Rock Rabbit is a zingy white with big taste. Soft notes of mineral open up to lots of flavours – crisp grapefruit and white peach, to name a few. The tiny amount of qewurtzraminer adds a lovely floral splash to the nose and a hint of lychee on the palate. Delicious with fresh fish or seafood dishes like Ceviche.


Le Grand Vin de Clossmann Bordeaux

Grape – Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc

Region – Bordeaux, France

The amazing 2008 vintage Bordeaux are just starting to arrive! Le Grand Vin de Clossmann is an intense red displaying layers of ripe red plums. dried fruits, hazelnut, espresso and dark chocolate. Pairs well with Bison, Lamb, Veal and Filet Mignon.