Winnipeg's Premier Bistro


$26 Char Artique

Arctic char stuffed with a lobster gruyère, potato mousseline over a lemon verbena sauce.

$20 Mille-Feuilles Aubergine Torte

Mixed Mediterranean grilled vegetables with flageolet bean and spinach served with an oven roasted tomato maple thyme sauce.

$24 Saumon Champagne

Pan seared salmon topped with sorrel and champagne cream & tempura leeks.

$26 Thon Mariné

Grilled maple soy marinated albicore tuna topped with strawberry, avocado mango salsa and unagi.

$27 Veau Grand-Mère

Medallions of veal sautéed in a rich mushroom and white wine cream sauce.


Gluten Free Pasta Available

$20 Penne Inferno

Penne pasta with chicken, onions, peppers & wilted spinach, served in a chili spiked cream sauce.

$20 Fettuccini Nastaba

Fettuccini pasta served with smoked salmon, cream, roasted red pepper in a lemon and dill cream


$18.50 Flamande

Prepared with leeks, white wine, pernod and cream.

$18.50 Madagascar

Prepared with cognac, cream and green peppercorns.

$18.50 Provençal

Prepared with garlic, tomato, onion and fine herbs.

$18.50 Roquefort

Prepared with cream and Roquefort cheese.

$18.50 Sweet Curry

Prepared with onion, peppers, mango chutney and cream.

$18.50 Coconut Thai

Prepared with sweet chilli peppers, cilantro, ginger, lemon grass in a coconut broth


$14 Cambenzola Frit

Fried cambenzola served in a raspberry balsamic coulis.

$13 Ceviche au Saumon

Thinly sliced fish or seafood marinated in lemon, sweet onion and mirin.

$14.50 Crab Cakes

Served with mango salsa on a bed of mesclun greens with a raspberry, champagne and poppy dressing.

$13 Escargot

Sautéed snails in a brandied mushroom jus topped with asiago and a wedge of koilech toast

$14.50 Prawns au Pernod

Sauteed in garlic and finished in a pernod cream sauce topped with leek tempura.

$14 Steak Tartare

Seasoned raw filet served with classical garnishes.

$15 Trio des Pâtés

Country style pâté, chicken liver pâté and foie gras.


$6 La Petite Salade

organic greens with roasted pine nuts and your choice of vinaigrette. orange & basil raspberry, champagne & poppyseed maple cranberry creamy garlic bacon

$18 Salade à L’Agneau

Lamb sirloin salad with grilled vegetables and minted pink peppercorn dressing.

$18 Salade au Boeuf Thai

Spicy Thai marinated filet of beef sliced and served on a bed of rice noodles and mixed greens with a spicy vinaigrette.

$8 Salade César

Romaine, house-made dressing and croutons, scallions, cheese. A full size salad is avialable for $11.50.

$18 Salade au Saumon et Epinards

Grilled Salmon served on a bed of spinach with peppers, onions, and fresh fruit in an apple cider vinaigrette topped with asian aioli


$9 Le Bisque Grand Duc

Brunoise vegetables, herbs, crab and madeira wine topped with puff pastry.


All sandwiches are served with choice of soupe, frites or petite salad. AVAILABLE UNTIL 4PM

$13.50 BBQ Chicken Capicola

BBQ Chicken with carmelized onions, peppers, capicola and provolone cheese.

$15.50 Canard Confit

Duck confit, cashew butter, mixed peppers and sweet chilli vinaigrette on ciabatta.

$13 Croque-Nouveau

Scented ham, jalapeño havarti cheese with an orange pecan mustard on french bread

$14 Grilled Crevette Panini

Shrimp, crimini mushroom, oka cheese with organic greens and roasted peppers topped with tempura leeks on foccacia

$13 Banh Mi Inferno

Country style pâté, foie gras, pickled vegetables, cilantro & sriracha aioli on baguette

$14 Saumon Grillée

Grilled salmon on focaccia with artichokes, greens and shitake mushrooms.


$8 Chocolate Fantasy Torte

The ultimate chocolate lovers dessert! Decadent chocolate pate in a oreo cookie crumb shell

$8 Lemon Hazelnut Torte

Hazelnut shortbread crust filled with lemon curd topped with a crushed hazelnut whipped cream.

$8 Maple Sugar Pie

Traditional French Canadian maple sugar pie. Served with whipped cream. Subject to availability

$9 Caramel Hazelnut Torte

Crushed hazelnut and shortbread crust filled with hazelnuts and smothered in caramel. Topped of with a milk chocolate chantilly.

$8 Tarte Tatin

Upside-down apple tart in which the apples are caramelized in butter and sugar before the tart is baked. Subject to availability